We are so proud!

Introducing the Rainbow Nation Dolls. Every child should grow up aware of the rich diversity that our country and the world at large has. Celebrate multiculturalism with the Rainbow Nation Doll collection.

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    Zuri Vanilla Scented Afro Hair Doll with Albinism - Sibahle Collection
    Meet Zuri: Our first-ever albino doll. We're so excited to introduce our newest addition to the Rainbow Nation family. Zuri...
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    Ayana Vanilla Scented Mixed Race Doll - Sibahle Collection
     Your perfect new companion has arrived! Meet this darling one-of-a-kind mixed race doll that smells like vanilla! Get an Ayana...
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    Bontle Vanilla Scented Afro Hair Black Doll - Sibahle Collection
    The ultimate in vanilla scented dolls! Bontle is here to steal your heart! This is the ultimate vanilla scented doll! It’s...
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    Ndanaka Vanilla Scented Afro Hair Vitiligo Doll - Sibahle Collection
    This may just be the cutest thing ever! Meet Ndanaka, a sweet Vitiligo doll! She has Afro-textured hair that she...
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    Rainbow Nation 4 doll Set - Sibahle Collection
     They have us over the moon! We're all so excited! Rainbow Nation vanilla-scented dolls are out there. This is how we're...
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    Zuri Safari Outfit - Sibahle Collection
    Zuri Safari Outfit
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    Zuri Ballet Outfit - Sibahle Collection
    Ballet Outfit  Fits all Rainbow Nation Dolls
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    Zuri Afro SwimSuit - Sibahle Collection
    Zuri Afro SwimSuit
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    Zuri Afro Print Dress - Sibahle Collection
    Rainbow Nation Doll Afro Print Dress
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    Ayana Afro Print Dress - Sibahle Collection
    Rainbow Nation Afro Print Dress
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    Ayana Swim Suit - Sibahle Collection
    Rainbow Nation Doll Swim Suit    
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    Ayana Safari Outfit - Sibahle Collection
    Rainbow Nation Doll Safari Outfit